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If the work area looks like this screen shot then something has probably gone wrong.

MacOS Installation and launch

Open the downloaded .dmg file to mount it as a file system and drag the ArtistsHelper icon to the Applications folder icon to install the program.


When you first launch the application, because it was downloaded from a non-Apple website and was not signed with an Apple certificate then Apple's Gatekeeper service will put it under quarantine. You won't be able to run it without jumping through some hoops to prove you trust me.

When you first try to run it you will see something like this:

Or possibly like this:

If you see this second one jump down the page to here.

Open the directory the application is in, right click on the icon and choose open.

You'll see another slightly different warning. Choose Open if you do trust me. MacOS will remember and you shouldn't be asked again.

Since a recent MacOS update (10.15.5 possibly?) none of the above works so use this alternative:

Alternatively, for any quarantined application file or any directory, you can permanently remove the quarantine attribute flag ( by using this command in a Terminal window or iTerm. sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/ That's -d for delete and optionally -r for recursive. You'll be asked for a password to check you know what you're doing.

Windows Installation and launch

Windows Defender

When you run the downloaded .msi file then Windows Defender will show a dialog something like this:

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection™®℠©… will prevent the installation until you jump through some hoops to prove you trust me.

In the dialog click on the More info link and you will be shown something like this:

Click on the button (because that's the kind of brave, devil may care individual you are) and the Artist's Helper will be installed.

A shortcut will be placed on your desktop and another should appear in your Windows start menu.

Jar file Installation and launch

Alternatively if you have Java installed you could download a .jar file or a .zip containing the jar and some other bits.

These files are very much smaller than the .dmg or the .exe (the .jar is 7Mb as opposed to 86Mb) but require Java to be installed on the machine.

You might still have to do the Gatekeeper or Defender stuff explained above.

Unknown image type

This section is a stub for the Unknown-image-type error.

Lock ups

This section is a stub. Full content is coming soon.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop failures can lock the application. Don't drop anything that's not an image, a link to an image, a palette, a project bundle or a project properties file from within a bundle.

File dialogs

In some cases an open or save file dialog may become hidden behind the application leading it to seem like the application is locked.

On a mac use ` (` aka a backtick, acute or grave accent, left or open quote, or a push) to cycle through the windows of an application.


This section is a stub for the BdeUi670 error.



This section is a stub for the BEH1023 error.



This section is a stub for the WAP2139 error.


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